UK scenic drives

The UK’s Best Scenic Drives

To many, a car is freedom. There is no simpler pleasure than taking a drive, just for the sake of it, yet you don’t need to head all the way to Nürburgring for the ultimate driving experience; the UK offers …

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The Ravens of Stone

The Ravens of Stone

In the mists of time, when the Great Flood covered the earth, Noah sent a raven to search for land. It never returned. Elders tell a story of how the raven reached a fruitful realm, south of the Carpathians and …

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Chateau Amboise

The Grandiose Chateau Amboise on the Loire Valley

  Our parade of castles along the Loire Valley continues with Chateau Amboise, an awe-inspiring historical monument and a splendid example of Renaissance artistic refinement. Majestically perched on a cliff rising tall above the valley, the castle sagaciously watches over …

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Blois Castle (2)

The Towering Chateau Blois on the Loire Valley

Most of France’s history was written on the banks of the Loire, within the walls of the several dozens of magnificent royal castles, Renaissance mansions, medieval fortifications, and cathedrals. No wonder the lands at the confluence of the river Maine …

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Mysterious Knossos

  If you travel to Crete without visiting Knossos, you are missing out on the best part, the island’s most emblematic, mysterious, amazing, and largest archeological site, the former political and religious center of the Minoan culture, dating all the …

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Top 3 Markets in Bangkok

Even for the most experienced traveller, Bangkok offers new adventures. With its tasty restaurants, relaxing massage shops and electric night-life, it’s a buzzing, exciting environment where it feels as though anything could happen. Hidden among the massive skyscrapers and the …

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Ahmedabad in 48 Hours – Eat, Drink, Sleep

Ahmedabad, the biggest city in Gujarat, presents a startling combination of old and new. Old buildings, fascinating museums and colourful markets meet traffic frenzy and over-crowding. So, if you’re only there for 48 hours and want to experience the best …

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Mycenae - Lion Gate-001

Majestic Mycenae

After a short stop in Athens and by the Corinth Canal, the next destination of our Greek saga was the Peloponnese Peninsula, where we visited the archeological site of Mycenae, one of the oldest fortified Greek cities, set between Argos …

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