Chateau Chenonceau (3)

Chateau Chenonceau, the Castle of the Seven Ladies

Chateau Chenonceau, with its iconic five arches spanning over the Cher River, exhales elegance, refinement and, above all, aristocracy. I couldn’t help but feel a bit melancholic upon entering Chateau des Dames, as it is often called in memory of the famous queens and mistresses who resided within its walls over the centuries. Diane de …

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Hong Kong Symphony of Lights (2)

Five Fun and Free Things to Do in Hong Kong

Hong Kong is a fascinating city where East meets West in a very dramatic fashion. Although now governed by China, the city was under British rule until 1997, and this long history has definitely left its mark. Unfortunately, though, the city’s preeminence as a tourist destination and its popularity with businessmen has pushed prices on …

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How to See Venice on a Budget

First, a huge thanks to Octavia for featuring me on her blog! I’m a huge sucker for medieval cities and castles, so when I first stumbled upon her post about Nuremberg, Germany, I was all set to pack my bags and go there (possibly forever). Then I found that she’s actually got a whole section …

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Tips on Traveling to Africa

With the living conditions constantly improving day by day, traveling has become one of the most popular habits that people take up. Depending on the budget limit, you can choose from a wide range of location that you can have your vacation in. Africa has emerged as one of the most chosen spots by tourists …

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Five Hidden Tourist Treasures in Rome

  This article was written by Sally Gale. When in Rome, tourists really are spoilt for choice when it comes to sightseeing opportunities and things to do. The Eternal City is steeped in history and culture with many visitors eager to take a tour around the Colosseum, stroll around the Roman Forum and a throw …

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Warwick Castle

The Rolling Cotswold’s Most Haunted Castles

Close to the Welsh border, in south-central England, Cotswold is an area of pristine beauty, rolling hills, rich history, and home to one of the most active Ley lines in England. Also known as dragon lines, believed to have mystical significance, these paranormal pathways that can be found all over the globe. If you like …

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Triumphal Arch

Chisinau, a Capital on the Borderline

  If you want to have some fun, ask a random person to pinpoint Moldova on the map They won’t know the pickle they’re in until they’ll look for it in the wrong continent. So what to expect from a small strip of land few have ever heard of, stuck at the frontier between the …

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UK scenic drives

The UK’s Best Scenic Drives

To many, a car is freedom. There is no simpler pleasure than taking a drive, just for the sake of it, yet you don’t need to head all the way to Nürburgring for the ultimate driving experience; the UK offers some fantastic scenic routes, and below is just a taster of what you can expect …

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