“You must understand that there is more than one path to the top of the mountain.” (Miyamoto Musashi)

Vanturatoarea Waterfall - Baile Herculane

Rock Climbing and Hot Springs in Băile Herculane

  Let’s face it, it was the 2014 Petzl RocTrip that put Romania on the climbing map. I knew it would live up to the challenge, but did you? Băile Herculane was the trip’s first base camp. From here, the team continued to Bulgaria, Macedonia, Greece and Turkey, bringing some often overlooked climbing spots into …

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Pyramids Giza-001

7 Wonders Of The Modern World – The Best Manmade Attractions To Visit In 2016

7 Modern Day Wonders That Should Be On Every Traveler’s List The original list of Seven Wonders of the World was made over 2,000 years ago by Greek travelers, and all but the Great Pyramid of Giza unfortunately no longer exist. Varying fates caused them to be no more, but in their wake comes newer …

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View of Malta from Valetta. Image by Berit Watkin.

The Uncommon Path: 8 lesser-known sights of Malta you need to visit

When it comes to Malta, it’s usually one of those dream destinations you’ve had your itinerary picked out for since the first day you saw a picture of the Amalfi Coast in National Geographic or Travel + Leisure. But if you leave it up to the mainstream travel guides, you’ll miss all the cool spots …

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Adventure Seeking on a Cruise

When you consider taking a cruise for your vacation, it’s all too easy to picture yourself lazing around on deck with a cocktail in hand, disembarking only to spend the day sat on a beach. And that’s great if you’re seeking some timeout from the regular routine. However, if it’s adventure you want, you can …

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Carpathian Mountains

25 Staggering Facts You Might Like To Know About Eastern Europe

Eastern Europe: the final frontier. Too obscure for some travelers to even consider adding it to their bucket list, so rarely does it enter the spotlight that very few bother to find out what lies around the corner. At the borderline between two strong currents, the assimilating west and conservative east, these realms do not …

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Courtesy of www.atlasobscura.com

Back to the Roots: Hiking the Lycian Way

The compact mountainous territory between present day Turkey’s cities of Fethiye and Antalya was once inhabited by the Lycians, ancient people with a strong desire for freedom and unity, characteristics greatly admired by the Greeks and envied by classical writers. The name itself comes from the Hittite word “Lukka,” meaning light. It was this very …

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Julie Hasdeu Castle-002

Julie Hasdeu Castle, Spiritism in the Temple of the Afterlife

They say the piano can still be heard playing in the midst of night. Yet there’s no one there to play it. Also called The Spiritualist Temple at the Foothills of the Carpathians, the story of how this eerie residence came to be and what it witnessed over the years is even more impressive than …

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Veliko Tarnovo-001

Veliko Târnovo, the Old City of Tsars – Part 3

In the third and final part of our epic journey through time and space in medieval Veliko Târnovo, we head for a stroll down its old streets, pass by the stacked houses of the picturesque Varosha quarter, have a delicious taste of Bulgarian cuisine, and head off for some rock climbing over at St. Trinity …

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