“You must understand that there is more than one path to the top of the mountain.” (Miyamoto Musashi)

Climbing in Geyikbayiri - Mevlana sector (3)

Geyikbayiri Reloaded

… and intensified times infinity. This is not an article about rock climbing. There are too many of those out there. Besides, climbing is a personal, intimate journey we all experience and understand differently. So instead of listening to other people’s opinions, good or bad, why don’t you come to Geyikbayırı and see what all …

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Main crag Geyikbayiri

Return to Geyikbayiri. Turkey in Flames

Well, it’s been nearly four years, but we’re back. Yes, time does fly fast, still the moment we landed it seemed as if it was only yesterday that we left. Did anything change? Of course. Looking deep within ourselves, we find we all have. Our perspectives and views of the world today are not the …

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Seaview from Kalymnos Grande Grotta-001

8 Greek Island-Hopping Adventures Not To Be Missed

There are some 6,000 Greek islands scattered throughout the Aegean and Ionian seas, only 227 of them inhabited. Each and every one is worth your while, although some are more difficult to get to than others. Don’t know where to start? Well, the answer depends on what you are looking for. Greece is a synonym …

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Courchevel. Courtesy of skihire-courchevelmoriond.com-001

Around The World In 16 Perfect-Powder Ski Runs

Snow, that infinitely variable white stuff, invites us on an epic pilgrimage each winter in search for the best runs to sink our skis into. Sure, we all choose and hit those slopes based on different factors, but you can’t argue that powder is that special ingredient that adds extra flavor to the recipe. Death-defying …

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Ponicova Cave - banner

Into The Darkness: Ponicova Cave

Call it a natural tunnel if you like. Or better yet, a testimony to the power of water, stubbornly making its way, piercing mountains if need be. A speck of light in the distance lets us know we’re close. As we head towards it, the stream we saw disappearing earlier resurfaces, getting wider and deeper …

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DSCN9577 banner small

Sinaia, Queen of Carpathian Resorts

In 1883, the legendary Orient Express made its first run, connecting the west and east by a luxury train turned five-star hotel. On its way, it stopped in Sinaia, the summer residence of the Romanian Royal Family, where King Carol I himself greeted travelers, inviting them all to visit his castle at the foothills of …

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Vanturatoarea Waterfall - Baile Herculane

Rock Climbing and Hot Springs in Băile Herculane

  Let’s face it, it was the 2014 Petzl RocTrip that put Romania on the climbing map. I knew it would live up to the challenge, but did you? Băile Herculane was the trip’s first base camp. From here, the team continued to Bulgaria, Macedonia, Greece and Turkey, bringing some often overlooked climbing spots into …

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Pyramids Giza-001

7 Wonders Of The Modern World – The Best Manmade Attractions To Visit In 2016

7 Modern Day Wonders That Should Be On Every Traveler’s List The original list of Seven Wonders of the World was made over 2,000 years ago by Greek travelers, and all but the Great Pyramid of Giza unfortunately no longer exist. Varying fates caused them to be no more, but in their wake comes newer …

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