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With the living conditions constantly improving day by day, traveling has become one of the most popular habits that people take up. Depending on the budget limit, you can choose from a wide range of location that you can have your vacation in. Africa has emerged as one of the most chosen spots by tourists all over the world. Not only because of the reasonable amount of money that is required for your trip, but Africa has become many people’s favorite destination for many different reasons. However, not many know what you should or should not do when you are at the location. Therefore, we have written this article in hope of providing you with tips that you can use when you are in Africa in order to have the best possible time there.

Here are some tips you can use:


1. Surprisingly, Africa has some cold places

Africa can have some (very) cold places, not to mention it snows at those locations. Some locations can be too cold that they can kill (try a night at -10 degrees Celsius in Kenya and you will definitely know what I mean). Therefore, instead of torturing yourself in the heat and the scorching sunlight of the desert, you can go skiing up in the mountains for a change of pace.

Some locations where you can entertain yourself with skiing are: Atlas Mountains in Morocco, the Maloti Mountains, Lesotho and the Eastern Cape Highlands, South Africa. Remember to bring your skiing gears along with your desert traveling gear to utilize your time in the snow. However, if you happen to forget to bring them, no need to worry. You can rent a set of skiing gear at the nearby shops for a reasonable price.


2. Do not forget the rainforests

Next to the scorching deserts and dangerously cold mountains, Africa also offers a lot of rainforests as well. These are home to a wide range of wildlife, from elephants to cheetahs. You name it and they have it. This is also the reason why Africa’s rainforests have become one of the most popular hunting grounds for hunters all over the world. The range of wildlife here is an amazing dream for hunters anywhere.

Africans sure knows how to utilize what nature has bestowed upon them. There are a lot of hunting tours organized here in Africa. If you have fallen in love with the art of hunting, before traveling to Africa remember to bring the necessary equipment such as: rifle scopes, hunting boots, hunting clothes, etc…


3. Remember to get your shots

As we may or may not know, Africa is the home of many infectious diseases, some of which are still incurable. This is also the reason why it took a long time for Africa to develop its tourism. However, you need not allow those diseases affect your fun. Before coming to this beautiful country, remember to take shots of vaccines in order to prevent yourself from these diseases.

On the other hand, you do not need to take every single shot listed in the book. Remember that some of those shots are indeed advisable to take. For example, the vaccine against rabies. You should consult with doctors in order to receive advice on what vaccines you should take before traveling to Africa.


4. Spending on your trips

If you are from America then you are in luck because a lot of countries in Africa are accepting US Dollars as payment. However, if you plan to travel to South Africa, it is advisable for you to exchange your money into Rand because US Dollars is not accepted there.

With the development of tourism, the appearance of ATM’s has increased through the past few years. Therefore, if for some reason you do not bring a lot of money with you on the trip, you can make your money withdrawal here without much of a problem. The accepted credit cards are Visa and Mastercard. However, the fee for drawing money is pretty high so we suggest you prepare the needed money at home before the actual trip.


5. Passports and Visa

This is an essential part of traveling anywhere, let alone Africa. Remember to renew your passport if the expiration date has come. In addition, make sure you have obtained all the required paper to travel freely through states in Africa. If you have any questions, you can easily search for answers online or by contacting the African embassy in your country.


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My name is Johnny and I’ve been traveling the world since 2006. Growing up in Boston, I was never a big traveler. I didn’t take my first trip overseas until I was 23. Outside a cruise and college trip to Montreal, I had no travel experience. After college, I got a job and the standard American with two weeks a year for vacation. I wanted to use that time to travel. After all, it was vacation time, right? So for my first trip overseas, I went on a tour to Africa.

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