The Temple of Wishes

The Temple of WishesClose to the Fagasas Mountains, in Southern Transylvania, we find an unique place, a dug cave. Its origins and age remain covered in mystery and legend to this day. Hidden in the woods, away from tourists, this is where people come to change their destiny.

 The Temple of Wishes (“Templul Ursitelor”) lies close to the village of Şinca Veche, in the district of Braşov. It can be reached by car on the DN73A. From the center there is a sign toward the Şinca Veche Monastery. This is the way. The road takes us out, behind a hill, where another sign points us to the cave. There is a parking space and from here we enter the forest. We soon find ourselves in front of the entrance.

 The legends. Unusual phenomena have been reported inside this old cave. Strange lights appear on pictures when developed. According to tradition, if you fall asleep in the temple, even for a few moments, you wake up stronger. It seems that spirits descend from the 10 m dug chimney. They can change your destiny. If you wish for something strong enough while you are inside, then it will come true. This is where the place gets its name. The old folks say that underneath the cave there is a tunnel that communicates with the old Râşnov Citadel, which is about 40 km away. The entire hill that shelters the temple is considered to be sacred, even the grass and the water. There is actually a spring close by that is considered to do wonders.

The history. The cave is dug into stone and has five rooms. There is a shrine with several icons and candles. There is also a chimney, the only place from which light enters. It’s curious that the cave has two shrines. Many inscriptions have been found, such as the Star of David or the Yin and Yang symbol. But no cross. That is why it is believed that the sanctuary was originally pagan. The exact age of the temple could not be found. Some theories say that it might be around 7000 years old. Other say that it’s birth is more recent. It has also served as a hiding place for locals during invasions. Close to it we find the Şinca Veche Monastery, connected to it through a path in the woods.

The few people that know about this place remain faithful to it and return on each occasion. Maybe they just need something to believe in, or maybe their wishes have indeed become true. All you need to do is believe.



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