Back to the Roots: Hiking the Lycian Way

  The compact mountainous territory between present day Turkey’s cities of Fethiye and Antalya was once inhabited by the Lycians, ancient people with a strong desire for freedom and unity, characteristics greatly admired by the Greeks and envied by classical … Continued

Climbing in Antalya. Geyikbayiri in Pictures

  Palm trees and cacti on the shore of the Mediterranean Sea. Orchards filled with orange, lemon and pomegranate trees. Squirrels running up and down the cliffs, scorpions hiding in the shade, turtles and an alarming number of cats. Turkish … Continued

The Ancient City of Trebenna

Here at JoSiTo Guesthouse Camp we are surrounded by cliffs. The Geyikbayirı climbing area consists of numerous crags. Above the Trebenna sector the rocky mountain is watching over the valley. Under it, a steep cliff is rising from the forest. … Continued

First Time in a Turkish Sunday Bazaar

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Crowds of people and a lot of fuzz. We must be getting close. Cars had to slow down when approaching the first stands. Smell of freshly baked bread in the air, coming from the many Gözleme terraces along the road. … Continued

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