Present Meets Past on the Ol’ Road of Steel

Who can tell for sure when the present becomes the past and the future becomes the present? And whether the past is actually left behind and stays there, seizing to work its magic? When setting foot on an old road … Continued

The Ladder to the Skies. Another Version of Jack and the Beanstalk

It’s funny how man tends to find shelter in the remotest of places and roughest conditions while he is by definition a social being that yearns to interact and live in a community. What is it that makes people move … Continued

The Phantoms of Austrian Imperialism at Băile Herculane Thermal Spa Resort

Rotten wood and broken glass, lovely statues covered in moss, scraped paint and dust, faded colors and reddish rust. Weeds greedily embrace the walls with their sinister arms while the old stench of putrefaction somehow charms. Windows left open welcome … Continued

Transfagarasan Road: Crossing the Alps of Transylvania

  It was so hot that day. At the crossroad, all the cars were turning in the same direction. The shade of the forest was pleasant and the air became breathable again. Then, as we quickly gained altitude, the burning … Continued

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