Transfagarasan Road: Crossing the Alps of Transylvania

  It was so hot that day. At the crossroad, all the cars were turning in the same direction. The shade of the forest was pleasant and the air became breathable again. Then, as we quickly gained altitude, the burning … Continued

Transylvania’s Most Powerful Fortification

A watchman, dressed in an Austrian military costume, holding a bayonet riffle in his right hand, salutes us as we pass through the gate. Old, imposing houses stand on the other side, alleys and signposts lead to museums and monuments … Continued

Tiny Steps in the Apuseni Mountains. Part II

These parts of the Apuseni Mountains have been on our bucket list for quite some time. Over time, our tiny steps led us to secluded treasures and wonders. The Old Hidden Castle at Liteni, the village of Rîmetea, the Monastery … Continued

Tiny Steps in the Apuseni Mountains. Part I

Retracing the steps of the old “mocănița” railway As I was looking through the window of our car I could see the abandoned railway of the “mocănița”, an old type of steam powered train that traveled very slowly between mountains, … Continued

The Old Hidden Castle

Beneath the Apuseni Mountains, in western Transylvania, hidden between hills, guarded by cliffs and set above a forest covered valley, we find the ruins of the old Lita Citadel. This terrain adapted fortification dates back from the 14th century. Since … Continued

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