Sinaia, Queen of Carpathian Resorts

  In 1883, the legendary Orient Express made its first run, connecting the west and east by a luxury train turned five-star hotel. On its way, it stopped in Sinaia, the summer residence of the Romanian Royal Family, where King … Continued

25 Staggering Facts You Might Like To Know About Eastern Europe

Eastern Europe: the final frontier. Too obscure for some travelers to even consider adding it to their bucket list, so rarely does it enter the spotlight that very few bother to find out what lies around the corner. At the … Continued

Present Meets Past on the Ol’ Road of Steel

Who can tell for sure when the present becomes the past and the future becomes the present? And whether the past is actually left behind and stays there, seizing to work its magic? When setting foot on an old road … Continued

The Ruins at Sarmizegetusa, the Capital of Roman Dacia

We had planned this trip for a while now. We passed by it once before, but this time we weren’t going to let it slip from our hands again. From a distance, it seems like there’s nothing more to it … Continued

Tiny Steps in the Apuseni Mountains. Part II

These parts of the Apuseni Mountains have been on our bucket list for quite some time. Over time, our tiny steps led us to secluded treasures and wonders. The Old Hidden Castle at Liteni, the village of Rîmetea, the Monastery … Continued

The Piatra Mică Guesthouse

Just imagine waking up one morning under a fluffy pillow. You turn around and face the window. The branches of the apple tree are touching the glass, all covered in pure white snow. But you lay there for a little … Continued

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