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The majestic land of Alaska features rugged beauty and awe-inspiring natural sights and wonders. Yet, somehow it still remains underappreciated, revealing its splendors only to adventure seekers and nature lovers. Not only will Alaska enable you to explore some of its stunning regions, but it will also provide you with a private experience away from the crowds. Still in doubt whether Alaska is the right choice for you? Here are five reasons why Alaska is for everyone:


1. Alaska is home to rich wildlife




There’s no better place to admire wildlife than Alaska. This land is a haven for numerous bear species, especially its largest island Kodiak, which is known for the Kodiak Brown Bear. Black bears and grizzly bears can be found even in the surroundings of the urban city of Anchorage.

However, if you want to observe this majestic species, you might want to do it from afar. You should visit the Alaska Zoo or the Alaska Wildlife Conservation Center, where you can admire them from a safe distance. You can also spot bald eagles, especially in Haines where you can find the largest concentration of this bird species. Caribous, bisons and mountain goats are some of the stars of the Alaskan landscape and they are adding to its wild glory. Finally, moose will greet you wherever you go, including lovely Anchorage.


2. Alaska is home to inspiring glaciers




Featuring more than 100,000 glaciers, Alaska is the perfect country for a magical winter exploration. As one of the best destinations for exploring glaciers, Glacier Bay National Park and Reserve boasts more than 50 named glaciers. Here, you can admire the view of tidewater glaciers flowing into the sea and witness the process called “calving.” Calving occurs when blocks of ice break off and crash into the water.

You can also admire Alaska’s glacial rivers created by meltwater flowing down the mountains and into the ocean. The Matanuska Glacier is the one to see if you want to visit the area by car. It’s two hours north of Anchorage on the Glenn Highway.


3. Alaska is home to mesmerizing wilderness




Despite the fact that Alaska is twice the size of Texas, it has a surprisingly low number of inhabitants, with its population of 710,000 people. This has resulted in enchanting stretches of wild regions not disturbed by modern life. The unspoiled landscape of lush vegetation, towering mountains and diverse wildlife is simply breathtaking.

When you consider the fact that only 20 percent of the country is accessible by road, you know that a true nature-inspired adventure awaits you. And travel agencies, such as the reputable Canada & Alaska Specialist Holidays, give you amazing options when it comes to choosing an adventure that would fit you best. An ideal way to explore all that Alaska has to offer would be by boat, and agencies give you a ton of options to choose from. From small boats to big cruise boats, you can decide on what style of travel suits you best.


4. Alaska is home to the enchanting Northern Lights




As one of the most inspiring natural phenomena, the Northern Lights are simply otherworldly, and you can admire them in Alaska! The breathtaking Northern Lights are best seen between September and April, so if you decide to visit Alaska during this period, get ready for a late night adventure. As in other places as well, don’t expect to see them right away, since you may have to give the lights some time to find you. But when they do, the sight is more than magnificent. The sky bathed in vibrant changing colors will definitely be one of the most memorable experiences in your life. Just make sure to bring a blanket to stay cozy and warm under the stars.


5. Alaska is home to majestic mountains




The towering mountains with snow-covered peaks set against the bright blue sky and lush vegetation resemble a postcard and promise yet another thrilling adventure. What was once Mount McKinley now is known as Denali, derived from the Athabascan word denoting “the Great One.” Denali rises up to 20,320 feet (or 6,193 meters), which makes it the highest peak in North America. You shouldn’t miss the opportunity to stop by the Denali National Park. However, that’s not all! Alaska actually features 17 out of the 20 tallest mountains in the entire region. For a truly inspiring view of the mountains, as well as their surroundings, you can sign up for a helicopter tour and admire the panorama from the sky.


Alaska is the land of numerous natural beauties that will charm you the moment you lay your eyes on them. Even if you are a person who prefers palms and beaches, we promise it’s one of a kind experience that you should definitely try. So, wait no more and get ready for an exciting Alaskan adventure!



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