The Piatra Mică Guesthouse

Just imagine waking up one morning under a fluffy pillow. You turn around and face the window. The branches of the apple tree are touching the glass, all covered in pure white snow. But you lay there for a little while. When you finally decide to get up, you pass by the stove and you realize it’s still warm. You find your way to the kitchen and prepare a kettle with some tea. While you wait, you open the window and feel the fresh cold air outside. After having your breakfast, you put on some warm clothes, pour the tea into a big mug and step outside. What better way to enjoy your morning than by looking at the snow covered mountains that seem to fall over you at any time? The rest of the day can be spent in so many ways. Some skying perhaps, or trekking? Or maybe just hanging around the yard, building snow men and having snow fights. You’ll return on the woolen carpets in the living room, in front of the fireplace, enjoying a warm meal, thinking about your day and planning the next.

In the summer time the scenery changes. Snow is replaced by green grass. Birds singing out your window will be you wake up call. The Piatra Craiului Mountains have plenty of hiking routes, for all levels. Or maybe you’d prefer a mountain biking trip. The dirt roads around are perfect for this. And of course, you’ll find the Zărneşti Gorges, famous for their rock climbing routes, ranging from 5a to projects of 8b+ or even higher. But if you just feel like relaxing and laying around all day, nature will surely put on a show. Wild birds will survey the area for mice. Cows, horses and sheep from the surrounding farms will feed on the grass on the meadows. And if you’re lucky you’ll get to see some deer running in the opening above.

The Piatra Mică Guesthouse is a rustic wooden hut right below the Piatra Craiului Mountains in the center of Romania. Its owners are former mountain climbers who chose to retire here. It can be reached from the town of Zărnești, in the district of Brașov. The guesthouse is about 3 km away from the town and is also close to the Poiana Braşov sky slopes, the famous Bran Castle and the Râşnov Citadel.

The Piatra Mică Guesthouse has two bedrooms, one large living room, kitchen and bathroom. It can accommodate six persons in twin beds. It is open all year round and reservations must be made at least one week in advance.

For further information and reservations check The Piatra Mica Guesthouse Zarnesti.

The owner can be reached by phone:    +40766 514 796

or by email:

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