Patagonia, Between Water and Ice


Do you want to live an adventure? Explore Argentinean Patagonia and face cold and ice? Discover spectacular white landscapes and huge glaciers like you have never seen before? Follow us on a journey in this mysterious part of the world.


Northern Patagonia: the Seven Lakes Route


First, Northern Patagonia will offer you beautiful views! At the foot of the Andes Mountains, the city of Bariloche gives you the atmosphere of a real alpine town: Trees, mountains, chalets and of course, sun! Bariloche embodies the calm before the storm, the place where you gain strength before beginning your adventure. Don’t forget to taste food specialties like chocolate and homemade beer! This city will charm you with its ski station: will you try to snowboard in the legendary Andes Mountains?



Leave the city and penetrate the banks of the Nahuel Huapi Lake. You can lose and find yourself in the Arrayanes Forest with impressive old myrtles. If you‘ve the sense of adventure, you can climb up the Cerro Bella Vista to have a beautiful view on Victoria Island. Once you had breathed the healthy mountain air of the Nahuel Huapi, you’re ready for an odyssey in the Seven Lakes Route!



Take the direction of San Martin de los Andes with the route of the Seven Lakes! There, huge wild landscapes offer you an unforgettable experience! On the road, you’ll meet with seven beautiful lakes, from the clear waters of the Espejo Lake to the Valdivian forest of the Lacar Lake and the turquoise water of the Correntoso Lake. You won’t be disappointed! Explore these strange waters and try to catch some salmons and brown trout by fly-fishing! Then, enter the Lanin National Park and face the impressive Lanin Volcano! If you’re well prepared, you can try to climb up this summit and look for one of the most breathtaking views in Argentina.


Mountains and Glaciers



Go south! Welcome to El Calafate, the gate to southern Patagonia! Drive an ATV on the hills of the City, the balcony of Calafate. El laberinto de piedras (the stones labyrinth) with its big mineral mushrooms is very … strange and rare. There, admire the wonderful Argentinean Lake. But the most important attraction of El Calafate is the Patagonian ice field. Get in a catamaran and zigzag between huge glaciers. Feel the cold air on your neck and listen the ice chunks collapsing. It’s unbelievable; you would actually have to see it yourself to believe it. Finally, the highlight of this part of Patagonia is the legendary glacier Perito Moreno: do a mini-trek on its southern side, but be careful not to slip! Do you know that it’s the third largest ice sheet in the world? Amazing!



To the west, if you like walking, you can cross the Chilean border and say hello to Torres del Paine. What’s Torres del Paine? It’s simply the Paradise of walkers, the Eden of trekkers. The Torres del Paine Park is more than 180 000 hectares and its areas are rich in a diversity of wildlife with condors, guanacos, armadillo etc. If you go to El Chalten, push your limits and start the climb of the Fitz Roy… It’s a famous summit known both for its beauty and its difficulty.


Southern Patagonia, the end of the world



If you continue south, you’ll arrive at the end of the world… The Tierra del Fuego and its lost city Ushuaia. Ushuaia is the most southern city in the world! There, you can feel an end of the world atmosphere: the Cape Horn with its boat cemetery, the End of the World beacon lonely in the mist… Many people say that in Ushuaia, you may have four seasons in one day because of the changeable climate. Would you like to have some souvenirs of your trip? Go to the Fin del Mundo Museum and stamp your passport with the words “End of the world.”



The legendary Tierra del Fuego National Park is an authentic experience for those who love Nature and Silence. Admire the beautiful trees which become orange and red in autumn. There, you can walk between beaver dams and lenguas forests. If you’re lucky, you’ll see Magellan cormorants. This land is a place for reverie and meditation. End of the world, end of the problems. When night starts to fall, you can rest in one of the numerous estancias of the region to see traditional life in this remote part of the world.

You said whales?



If you’re not scared of anything, you can get in a boat and observe very closely the right whales mating in the waters of Puerto Piramides. There are also dusky dolphins for those who love marine fauna. In Puerto Madryn, in Valdes Peninsula, you will observe elephant seals, rock shags, flamingos, terns, guanacos, maras (hares) and pichis (small armadillos). In Punta Norte, you’ll be able to see many penguins waiting for you!



So are you ready for an adventure?

For more information about this wild region, please visit Argentina-Excepcion.


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