The Iguazu Falls

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With beautiful waterfalls, luxurious vegetation and tropical animals, welcome to Iguazu, one of the most amazing regions of Argentina. Let’s go to visit these huge landscapes, which are like nothing you’ve ever seen before.

Iguazu in numbers


Some numbers to start! 200,000 years ago, a geological earthquake in the Parana River abruptly created the first waterfall, the Garganta del Diablo (Devil’s Throat), and then two large 8,858 foot arcs. Today, there are 275 waterfalls in this 69,000 hectares park! They are up to 80 meters high and they pump about 1,800 cubic meters per second!

At 839 miles away from Buenos Aires, the Iguazu Falls are split between two countries: Brazil and Argentina. Indeed, the site is located on the border and you have to cross it to enjoy two different points of view on the falls in two different parks. We encourage you to visit both.

The Brazilian side


The Brazilian side offers you a panoramic view of the waterfalls. Embrace the view of the horizon of the place and let yourself be charmed by this poetic site. On your right, waterfalls. On your left, waterfalls. There are waterfalls as far as the eye can see! Nature lovers will not know which way to turn! But before arriving there, you have to walk 1,200 meters into the heart of the Amazonian forest!

Go to the Bird’s Park which protects more than 800 species of birds! From the macaws to the parrots, you won’t be disappointed as the cacophony of birdsongs welcomes you into this paradisaical place.

The Argentinean side


The Argentinean side enables you to get close to the falls. It contains the most important part of the waterfalls. Take this opportunity to simply amble on a maze of walkways where the falls can be seen from all angles. There are two circuits: a higher circuit enables you to take bridges above the falls while the lower circuit take you inside the falls! This circuit enables you to take a boat and be even closer to the falls… Ready to get wet? Thrills guaranteed!


A path leads you to the huge Garganta del Diablo… This is the highlight of the show! It’s difficult to not be hypnotized by these liters of water the monster seems to swallow… To go there, an ecological train is available and takes you to a beautiful jungle setting in just a half-hour. Let yourself be rocked by the sound of nature and the beautiful palm trees and gigantic bamboos!

Animals and other sites


The Iguazu Site is also a real ecological reserve: with over 2,000 species of vegetation and 450 species of birds, you’ll be charmed by the exotic atmosphere there! Moreover, there are many mammals in Iguazu National Parks: the puma, the ocelot, the monkeys, and the star: the coati. These small raccoons move freely in the park, don’t feed them and be careful not to touch them; they may be a little aggressive!

If you stay in the region for a long while, you can also visit the Itaipú Dam which is the second largest hydroelectric central in the world! Very impressive! Or go to the Wandas mine, which owes its fame to the semiprecious stones on the walls: amethysts, topaz, agate, there is something for everyone!

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