Lights and Shadows at “Valea Cetății” Cave

Valea Cetății“, or the Citadel’s Valley, is a stream of water that carved the mountain starting from Poiana Brașov Resort all the way down, passing by the proudly standing Râșnov Fortress. When going on the road it would seem that there’s nothing here but forests. Well, these slopes hide their own treasures.

A large parking filled with cars lets us know we’re not the only ones curious to see what nature mingled with up there, behind the trees. A short walk through the forest takes us in front of the entrance. There are a bunch of people already waiting to get in. So we pay the fee, we blend in and follow the guide into the “Valea Cetății” Cave.

The cave has been recently developed for visitors. The entrance we see today is actually the result of excavations that led to the expansion of a small hole. Before this, the entrance was a barely noticeable narrow pit in the ground.  Now, the metal circuit of stairs and bridges make it accessible for everyone. Lights have been placed here and there to make the limestone formations clear to the naked eye.

The stairs lead us to the largest chamber in the cave. “The Cathedral”, as it is called, is a 30,000 cubic meters room with a spectacular white ceiling from which all kinds of shapes hang down just like chandeliers.

Small ponds mirror the lights and reflect the complex formations.

Following the threads of light we walked by “gardens” of stalagmites. The metal bridges and stairs slowly took us round the “Cathedral” chamber and towards the exit. At one point, when the whole group was standing in the middle of the room, our guide turned off the light for a couple of minutes, with our permission of course. Everyone was silent and not a speck of light could be seen. For a moment we were able to feel the thrill of actually standing in an underground passage, a world so different from what we know.



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