Climbing in Antalya. Geyikbayiri in Pictures

Rock Climbing Geyikbayiri, Antalya
Rock Climbing Geyikbayiri, Antalya (Photo by Dylan Wyer)


Palm trees and cacti on the shore of the Mediterranean Sea. Orchards filled with orange, lemon and pomegranate trees. Squirrels running up and down the cliffs, scorpions hiding in the shade, turtles and an alarming number of cats. Turkish delight, tea, coffee and ice cream, mosques, colorful  and fragrant bazaars, and nearly 1,000 fantastic rock climbing routes to choose from. Geyikbayirı has all these and more!

We flew from Romania to Antalya. We saw this trip as an adventure, and decided to start accordingly. We did not ask for a transfer from the campsite, nor did we rent a car or get in a cab. Instead, arrived to JoSiTo Camp using “traditional methods” – public buses and hitchhiking. It was already dark when we got there.

On the following morning, we found ourselves surrounded by orange colored limestone walls, as if on fire when in the sun, filled with three-dimensional climbing routes. Snake-shaped tufas and all sorts of holes, chandeliers, pockets, slopers and crimps make Geyikbayirı a climbing destination for all levels, tastes and ages.




Whether you are just chilling in the sun or decide to visit the surrounding area, rest days in Geyikbayirı are a lot of fun. You mustn’t leave without visiting Antalya, swim in the Mediterranean (even if it’s cold), and take a walk on the colorful streets of Kaleiçi. On Sunday you can run down to Çakırlar to the bazaar, buy fresh fruits and vegetables, nuts, local honey and olive oil, traditional clothes. Don’t leave before eating Gozleme in one of the many bungalows along the marketplace, a sort of pancake cooked on a wood-burning stove filled with cheese, meat or vegetables. Trebenna Antique City is one of the less known attractions, a hidden gem definitely worth a visit in one of your rest days. Plus, it offers breath-taking views of the climbing sectors and the Mediterranean in clear days.


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