8 Greek Island-Hopping Adventures Not to Be Missed

  There are some 6,000 Greek islands scattered throughout the Aegean and Ionian seas, only 227 of them inhabited. Each and every one is worth your while, although some are more difficult to get to than others. Don’t know where … Continued

Dikteon Andron. A Visit To The Home Of Zeus

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Crete, the largest of all Greek islands, is without any doubt one of the world’s most enchanting places, thanks to its exceptional landscapes, imposing mountains, steep valleys, mysterious caves, fertile lands, luxurious vegetation, bountiful olive orchards and vineyards, calm seas … Continued

Mysterious Knossos

  If you travel to Crete without visiting Knossos, you are missing out on the best part, the island’s most emblematic, mysterious, amazing, and largest archeological site, the former political and religious center of the Minoan culture, dating all the … Continued

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