Pottenstein, the Spirit of German Fairy Tales

Isn’t it curious how all small German towns look alike, as if they’re following a certain pattern? You’ll always find the same key elements: enchanting centuries old half-timbered houses with stacks of flowers hanging from their windows, a stream cutting … Continued

Forchheim, the Gateway to Frankenjura

“Ober what?” “Obertrubach.” “Are you sure that’s how it’s spelled?” “I hope so.” “But it’s nowhere on our map!” “Well, that’s gonna be a problem…” It’s amazing how the most enchanting places in this world tend to show up in … Continued

Climbing in Frankenjura. The Mouse and the Swiss Cheese

Believe it or not, there are places in this world that can exceed all expectations and beat even the craziest imagination. At times, this is because our own personality and mood greatly influences the world around us. It is within … Continued

Nuremberg’s Old Town. The Kaiser Has Left the Building

Forget everything you knew about medieval cities and think big. If I had to choose one word to define Nuremberg’s Old Town, that would be huge. No wonder Nuremberg was the Kaiser’s favorite meeting place when discussing the matters of … Continued

The Rhine Valley and its Fairytale Castles

After spending the night in Nuremberg, we continued our journey toward France through the Rhine Valley. Moving on between Bingen and Koblenz, we were getting closer and closer to the legendary Lorelei Rock, all the while passing through the Upper … Continued

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