Eastern Europe, the Surprise Behind the Brochures

  Countries on the borderline, torn between the ever-changing west and tradition-bound east, crushed under the Iron Curtain, Eastern Europe has evolved in a very different direction from the rest of the continent. I’m sure you’ll be surprised to find … Continued

25 Staggering Facts You Might Like To Know About Eastern Europe

Eastern Europe: the final frontier. Too obscure for some travelers to even consider adding it to their bucket list, so rarely does it enter the spotlight that very few bother to find out what lies around the corner. At the … Continued

Veliko Târnovo, the Old City of Tsars – Part 2

In part two of our Veliko Târnovo mini-series, we dig deeper into the medieval city’s history and visit its iconic symbol, the Palace of the Tsars, standing tall over the rocky valley and dominating the ivory and ebony Old Town. … Continued

Veliko Târnovo, the Old City of Tsars – Part 1

As the steep, rocky valley of the Yantra River opens up, one can hardly guess what to expect from the narrow, apparently unwelcoming terrain. Shades of brick-red, vanilla-cream, ebony and ivory, greet us on each side of these winding, steep … Continued

Deep Water Soloing at the Black Sea: Tyulenovo

Close to the Romanian border, the Bulgarian coast seems too inaccessible, inhospitable and wild to be considered a holiday retreat. There are barely any beaches or sand. The sea cliff falls straight into the restless waters of the Black Sea, … Continued

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