Bathing in the Emerald Green Mediterranean

I love the salty smell of the sea and the refreshing breeze blowing on the coast. Eyes closed and I can still tell I’m close.

The Mediterranean meets Antalya in a place where mountains seem to fall directly into the sea. The city is built above an orange colored rocky coast which is interrupted by a couple of beaches and the famous Yat Limanı (Old Harbour) in Kaleiçi, a small port that is nowadays used only for tourist ships and a few fishermen boats.

In the western side of Antalya, right under the Beydağları Mountains, the 9 spreads along the emerald green Mediterranean. If you have just visited the colorful streets of Kaleiçi (Old Town), this is not so far. You can either walk on the winding alleys above the rocky coast or take the Nostalji tramvayı, an old tram from the 60’s which runs between the old center and the beach.

The season usually starts at the end of May. That is when the water gets warm and all the bars open.

Although there are many restaurants and cafes on the coast, the Turkish street food is by far the best option. If you’re really hungry you can grab a döner from one of the delis on the sidewalk. It goes in perfectly with an ayran. You can get a fresh orange or pomegranate juice from one of the special stalls where they squeeze it on the spot. The best treat on the streets of Antalya is Turkish ice cream, served in a special manner by a guy dressed in a traditional costume and with a sharp kind of spear he uses to get chunks of delicious vanilla, chocolate or pistachio ice cream from cylinders inside a freezer. And if you’re lucky, he will also put on a funny show for you while playing with his merchandise.

Walking on hot pebbles on the beach and getting in the clear water. Seeing your shadow on the bottom of the sea while swimming. Looking around to find you are surrounded by mountains and catching a glimpse of the Taurus Mountains in the distance. Watching all the ships and boats finding their way to their destination. Laying on the beach under the sun until you can actually see your skin turning red, which means you just have to go in for another dip. What can be better?



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