The Backpacker’s Guide to Saving Money on Accommodation



If you are planning a holiday where you plan on going backpacking, you still need a place to sleep every night (or every few nights). So where do you go to find the best hotel deals? How do you find the best hotels and pay the lowest price for your stay? These are a few ideas you can consider if you want to learn how to save money on hotels when backpacking while staying in the safest areas, and the top hotels you can find for the money.


Book early


If you plan your itinerary in advance, book in advance. You will know where you are staying, how many nights you are staying, and can plan the destinations or sites you want to backpack through, around the hotel dates you book. Further, the earlier you plan and earlier you book, the greater the deals you are going to find on the hotel rooms you do book for your stay.


Use the right site




Sure you are going to save with hotel booking sites. But, if you use those sites catered to backpacking holidays and excursions, you are more than likely going to find even better deals. So, look for the specialized sites, and try to book with sites which do specialize in this type of holiday and vacation you are planning.




You can’t simply go to one site and book with the first hotel you find. Sure, you can, but at what cost? This is going to result in you paying more money for your stay. Even if you compare three or four sites, you will find the best deals, and sometimes even greater hotels, for less than the entry level or cheaper hotel chains. So, it is worth visiting more than one site before you book, to find the best rates possible. I would recommend you use a hotel comparison site.


Consider guarantees


Go through booking sites which offer low price guarantees. If you pay more through one site and find a cheaper rate with a competitor, you will get a refund. This is a great way to ensure you are dealing with a reputable site and is always the ideal way to know you are going to find the best rate for any hotel you choose to book, for the backpacking holiday that you are planning.


Off the beaten path




If you can find smaller cities or lesser known destinations around the areas you are backpacking through, this will typically result in much cheaper prices. Since other tourists usually go to well-known destinations, these smaller, hidden areas, typically have rooms available. Go to a B&B, boutique, and other hidden hotel chains. You will save, you will love the rooms, and you are going to be surprised at just how nice these hidden areas are going to be, in comparison crowded areas you would otherwise book at.


Consider rental stays




Why not stay at someone’s house versus a hotel? Air BNB and similar sites allow you to do so. Not only is this a home away from home, it is a very simple way to enjoy the stay, enjoy your time, and pay a much lower price than you are going to pay for any hotel you would otherwise book your room with. Just like hotel booking sites, however, you are going to want to take some time to compare a few of the local homes. Some of them even include breakfast and other food or accommodations for no additional cost during your stay. So why not take advantage of this, and actually stay in a home, versus a hotel.


There are a number of ways you can go about saving when it comes to booking for your backpacking trip; and you are not going to have to compromise on the stay or the rooms you are going to book, as long as you do your planning in advance. For those who want to make the most of their vacation, the most of their stay, and of course pay the lowest prices when you are traveling to any destination you are going to visit, consider some of these tips as you are booking the trip you are planning to take.


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